Natural Hair Care Is The Best Prevention Process Of Hair Loss

Hair loss may be result of several causes in both men and women. It is necessary to identify the real cause for accurate treatment. One of the most common causes for hair loss may be DHT hair loss. It happens when testosterone (one of the male hormone) converts into DHT that causes sudden hair loss.

Men are given anti- androgen medication. Also there are several supplements available that consists of natural substances to directly block DHT formation in body which prevents hair loss. Components of such supplements are quite natural and are mineral DHT inhibitors. Also such supplements do not cause any harmful sexual side effects. In case of female hair balding, only prevention options are shampoos, conditioners, anti androgen and tropical treatments. Tropical treatment is quite expensive and also takes large period of time for its treatment. Also hair fall begins as soon as when treatment is stopped. Buy davines hair conditioner for quick prevention of hair fall.

Role of Nutrition in Hair Prevention

Nutrition plays vital role in prevention of hair loss in human being. Intake of proper nutritional food helps hair follicles to grow and give birth to healthier hair fiber. These hair follicles take their nutrition from blood of human beings. Thus, it is essential for a person to take balanced diet full of nutrition, vitamins, protein, mineral and other health supplements. In case when weak hair follicles lack proper nutrition, they results in huge hair fall. It is quite natural way of hair fall prevention to take nutrition rich food that fulfils all nutritional requirements.